Help your Child / Adolescent

Manage their Challenges  with Skills Training
“Navigating the Challenges of Parenthood: 
Expert Guidance for Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health”

Raising children can be both rewarding and challenging for parentsand children. There are so many styles of communication, verbal and non-verbal, and not everyone is an expert at interpreting the subtle or obvious signs of stress or knowing when it is time to seek professional help for your child. There’s a lot that you can do to help your child be healthy and happy by supporting them when they are struggling with some kind of issue, whether it’s anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fears or phobias, or resistance to attending school due to unexplained physical pains. 

With the best intentions, we may not always hear or understand what our child is trying to communicate to us and often this can have devastating consequences for the entire family. I know how important it is to have someone to turn to, and I’m here to help.

“Fostering Family Harmony: Empowering Each Member with Effective Communication Skills”

Whatever your child is stressed about or struggling with, even if it’s a mild case of anxiety, I want to be there to support them by equipping them with the tools to help themselves and feel in control of their own emotional state. I work with entire families to build communication skills that work for everyone. 

“Empowering Parents: Building Knowledge and Skills to Better Support Your Children”

As a parent myself, I believe that we aim to do the best we can with the knowledge and skills we have now. On the other hand, when we know better, we do better ~ Maya Angelou

Finding Balance: “Navigating Limits and Compassion in Parenting, Helping Children Cope with Anxiety and Related Issues”

I believe childhood is a time of exploration and learning. While it’s important to set clear limits and boundaries, it’s also important to be compassionate and understanding as your child grows. This is where I can offer help.  I specialise in helping children cope with issues such as anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. I understand the pressures of growing up and want to help you and your child. By working together, we can help your child reach their full potential and live a happy, healthy, and successful life.

So whether your child is struggling with emotional or behavioural problems, I’m here to offer support and guidance. Positive benefits can be experienced from the very first session.


“Empowering Your Child to Overcome Emotional Challenges and Reach Their Full Potential”.


Some Issues We Can Address Together: