About Me

Hello, I am Susan McElligott, as well as being a Strategic Intervention Coach, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, CBT Practitioner based in Carrigaline, Co. Cork and have successfully treated cases of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, IBS, relationship problems, weight management, stop smoking, bereavement, confidence, in fact any problem of the mind, which means I can help you overcome whatever has been stopping you live the life you want and deserve. Please note I treat children as well as adults, for such complaints like bed-wetting, anxiety, low self esteem and night terrors.

I have been utilising hypnosis, NLP, CBT slanted towards using the spiritual energy of the universe to bring about dramatic change to people’s lives. The great thing is I consistently get results and have transformed lives in as little as a ninety minute session.I am here to assist you, by empowering and educating you to create the life you want, rid yourself of all those bad habits and beliefs that have been holding you back and help you grow personally.Through consulting, coaching, mentoring, and education support and encourage you to become the real version of yourself without all the baggage that’s held you back. So if you are serious about personal change then call me for a

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