The best way to change your life is to get started, and the best way to get started is to make a committed decision to make that change. I can help you make that change*susan-paperback*jpg?alt=media&token=42615ae7-d047-45f2-8431-dddc12f707de

You've probably heard that little voice inside your head telling you that you're not good enough, but isn't it time to take control NOW!! 
I am Susan McElligott and I have helped hundreds of people over the last 20 years overcome debilitating fears, phobias, emotions, doubts, fear of flying, loss of confidence, anxieties, stress, worries plus much more.

Stop Feeling Helpless, Start Creating Your Life

My therapeutic approach incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), NLP techniques, Gestalt Therapy and Hypnotherapy for fast-paced results that have been proven effective with lots of clients just like you!

Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Life?

I am a qualified psychotherapist specialising in the treatment of anxiety, depression and life transitions. With my guidance you can feel confident instead of helpless which will help you find your way to the life that is waiting for you! 
Is there a better way to live your life? Let's talk about how we can make that happen.

Will It Work For You?

Let me show you how with my cutting-edge psychological techniques that have helped thousands of people all over the world lead healthier happier lives with a better understanding of themselves. In my work I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which has proven effective in helping many people conquer their mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety disorders. CBT can also help with weight management problems like binge eating disorder or anorexia nervosa; panic attacks; irrational fears like social phobia or agoraphobia; obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); among other things. It’s never too late to start living your best life!
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You will not regret it! :) 

Transformation is both Rapid and Powerful

Transformation is both rapid and powerful, transformative experience that can help you get unstuck and move forward in your life. It’s an intensive process that takes place generally over the course of one session with me of 1-2 hours. I work with my clients to create new ways of thinking and behaving so they can live their best lives. And it works! I have seen many people make huge changes after just one session with me.

My Approach To Therapy

Mind your thoughts is a collection of short stories showcasing how even our darkest emotions can be overcome. The book was created based on the universal laws of physics, 'where focus goes, energy flows.' and the main focus is on creating a lighter vibrational frequency to rise above emotional suffering. The author aims to prove the efficacy of hypnosis when used in a clinical setting and how it can harness the power of the subconscious mind to reprogram your thoughts. Combining various forms of psychotherapy and cutting-edge mind-mastery tools, Susan McElligott demonstrates that is possible to become unstuck, rewire your thoughts and experience complete contentment. The content of the book was designed as a teaching tool for both the professional and anyone on a journey of personal or professional development. It covers challenges such as; anxiety, depression, anger, grief, gaslighting, guilt, shame, abuse, end-of-life-caregiving. The message is one of hope and resilience.

You will be able to live a life free of the limitations that have been holding you back.
- You'll learn how to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way,
and create the life you've always wanted
- Live without the fear of failure or rejection.
- Accept yourself for who you are and what makes you unique.

About Me

As a mother of 2 children and grandmother of 3 grandchildren, I've had plenty of experience balancing family and professional life. My extensive training in mental health allows me to help clients overcome their challenges through hypnosis or psychotherapy using Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP]. developing new thinking patterns [upgrading your brain's software], Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT], Energy Work, Life Coaching Skills using spiritual / advanced analytical techniques and an Accredited Supervisor and Committee Member with the European Association of Professional Hypnotherapists. (EAPH). 
 I have made it my life’s mission to help as many people as possible to overcome the struggles that were holding them back from living the life they truly deserve. A life filled with love. abundance, confidence and self-belief. Now, I know that you might not think it’s possible, and you may think that what you’re suffering from is unique, or incurable, or that it worked for someone else and it won’t for you. You are not alone. Hundreds of the people I’ve helped over the years felt exactly the same way. But it’s just not true... I believe I can help you overcome whatever it is that’s holding you back from the life you deserve

Client Success Stories

Thank you Susan for all your support up to now.
Most of us wonder what is our reason for being, so if you ever have a bad day, let me tell you, that your reason is to help people like me and my son.
I’ll arrange another appointment soon
Kind regards
C. Cork 

 12 year old girl said...I felt like a new person, my worries were forgotten...... “my head was telling me you can’t open up to her about your feelings, don’t bother her, you’re desperate for attention, you’ll make a terrible impression” but as soon as Susan opened the door to her lovely home, I knew instantly that I would be fine. She was so welcoming and made me feel safe and comfortable. I felt like I was talking to a friend I’d known for years instead of someone I’d just met. When we were speaking about exams, I thought we went a little off track as we started to talk about my friend and our friendship, but honestly, I was happier because that was my biggest problem and I wanted to speak about that the most. The stories she told reassured me that others have gone through similar things to me which was nice to know that I’m not alone. I also thought it was incredible how she did so much for me without having to tell a lot of information. My favourite and most effective exercise was definitely hypnosis. I loved how she turned the negative thoughts into a ‘green gremlin’ and when she began talking about my new future best friend, it was reassuring to know that I will meet them or grow a stronger friendship one day. The moment I opened my eyes I was so relieved and happy. I was astonished at how effective the hypnosis was. Before seeing Susan, I felt stuck in a place of loneliness and doubt but she was like a fairy godmother who nudged me into a safer and happier mindset. Afterwards, I felt like a new person as my worries were forgotten. I really couldn’t say anything bad about the session, she was so helpful and kind, thank you so much.
F.M. Cork June 2021 

 Anxiety triggered responses identified and conquered in just the first session.....Thanks Susan for all your time, patience and expertise! The session has been eyeopening to say the least!
C.W. CORK Dec, 2020 

Phobia of medical procedures conquered in only 3 sessions using Neuro Re-pattering Brain Techniques........

Hi Susan, thank you for all your time and patience and the relaxation audio was fantastic. I listen to it every night and can’t believe how much my life has changed for the better. I would highly recommend your services to anyone suffering from any kind of anxiety.
M.McM Co. CORK. Dec, 2020 

I occasionally suffer from depression and negative thinking and my doctor recommended CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). I had a few sessions with Susan and her approach was refreshing, uplifting and really positive. She helped me realise my negative thoughts are not the real me and she gave me the tools I needed so that I could continue developing myself. She is very good at what she does and made me feel at ease instantly.I highly recommend her”

 Susan, thank you so much for that session - it was super! I think my daughter really connected with you and she seems really relaxed. Thanks again - I will see how she goes.

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