Grief Counselling

Complicated Grief

Complicated Grief is a term used to describe symptoms of prolonged disturbed emotions, especially in a sudden death. It may appear as a complete absence of grief and mourning, delayed or chronic grief, post-traumatic stress, sleeplessness, unresolved grief.
There is no correct way to grieve whether it is from experiencing the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, loosing your home and material wealth or loosing your health. There is no right length of time to grieve or way to measure the intensity of grief. No one can know what it’s like to walk in your shoes even if they have grieved themselves.
You may have been told to expect to go through the different stages of bereavement like some sequence to determine if you are doing it properly. No one can categorise your grief into stages to be followed. There are many books written on grief and bereavement which attempt to explain your feelings and what you can expect, some are helpful, others may leave you wondering if you are ‘doing’ it correctly. There are many support groups which some find helpful, others prefer one on one counselling.
When grief becomes complicated and you feel you cannot connect with any joy or happiness and your entire life is dominated with feelings of loss and sadness, depression can take hold and you don’t know how to engage with normal everyday living. You are just going through the motions of living without feeling connected to the positive aspects of life.
If you are aware of time passing and you feel stuck and need help, then I can work with you in peaceful and confidential surroundings. I will support you in finding meaning in your life and peace in your heart. 

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