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Nightmares / Night Terrors and night sweats
are quite common, and of course youngsters can pick up the vibes within a household.

Kids are such great learners and can pick up on how others are feeling to such an extent that they often come up with their own conclusions as to what’s happening around them even if it’s not what is really happening at all. What matters most is that it appears real to them and this is something we need to understand if we want to help them learn and develop into well balanced responsible adults.

The whole family benefits when your child is happy and stress free. I make a live mp3 recording for your child from the start of the treatment so instant positive results will be experienced. I offer ongoing support via phone, text, email or Skype until the problem is resolved.

At Carrigaline  Hypnotherapy Kid’s Clinic your child has a voice. They will have the opportunity to be heard and feel understood. They will have fun learning new ways of managing their emotions and will gain lots of new tools which they can use instantly even after your very first session. 

No matter how big or small the problem is, there is a solution. So whatever your child’s problem or challenge, whether it’s feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, confidence issues or sleep disturbances like nightmares or night terrors, I’m here to help. 

Testimonials by Frantic Mums

7yr old with chronic night terrors (one session of hypnotherapy)

Thanks so much Susan, that was better than I'd expected!  He bounded into the car, was all chat about his magic pyramid.... wanted to call his dad to tell him about the red magic carpet.... then as we came in the door he said "I think I'll delete the killing game, I prefer the sports ones anyway". So a lot went in!
K. Cork, May, 2018

No More Night Terrors .....
Thanks a mil Susan for all your help with my 8yr old daughter’s sleeping problem. She no longer wakes up with night terrors. The recording you made for her has really made a difference! Now we can all get some sleep! Lisa, CorkAlex 11 years – suffers from nightmares and sleep disturbancesBackground:(Received this lovely text from a lady who’s 11yr old son Alex came to me for PTSD after he went to a friend’s house and witnessed a few minutes of a horror film which left him with terrifying flashbacks. He was afraid to go to sleep which resulted in complete exhaustion. He was too tired to pursue his passion for sport. I treated Alex in just one session)
Testimonial sent via Text:

No More Sleepless Nights.....
Hi Susan….just reporting back on Alex!. He went to bed around 9 Friday night and was asleep within 10mins and the same sat & sun night!!!! He actually seems like he’s looking forward to going to bed!!!! Thank you so so much!!! He really enjoyed the session with you….he said you know lots of stuff!!! Will keep you posted thanks a million again!!
Yvonne. Cork…Feb, 2014“

He's just like a new boy now......
Dear Susan,I just wanted to let you know that Tom is doing really well since his two sessions with you.I used to have to reassure him every night about his worries brought on by anxiety. Now at bed time he chats about all the things he enjoys and things that he is looking forward to doing.We are delighted with the audios also and even though he said he doesn't need to, I will make sure that he listens to them.I myself feel like a weight has been lifted off me. We are both so thankful to have met you.
Kind regards,Eva & Tom

In Just 2 Sessions and he has Overcome His Fears....
Very pleased……He had become a very scared boy”“I am very pleased with my son’s experience during his treatment. He had become a very scared boy having watched an older boys play station game at his friends house. He could not let me out of the room without wanting to follow me and know if I was going upstairs and if I was he had to come. It really was affecting his everyday activities. Susan was great to make him feel at home building a picture of his interests in life in such a pleasant way where he was comfortable and happy showing actions of football skills etc. As the session went on Susan used what she had learned from Ruairc’s interests to overcome his fears. He did really well after the first session but we felt maybe he needed another to be able to move him back out of our room. Susan made him two audio recordings which he listened to. They helped to further overcome his fears.
Thanks to Susan he is out of our room and back to the more outgoing happy boy he was!”
Olivia, Ireland, 28 Oct 2014